WU TECH – One of the most important WU Media organizations. WU Tech – Technical Directors are responsible for the successful creation/delivery of the Wilberforce University media products, managing the technical risks and technology opportunities; making key equipment and technical implementation decisions with all WU Media teams, scheduling of tasks including tracking dependencies, managing media requests, guaranteeing quality of deliveries and educating the team on technical best practices.

WU TECH Responsibilities:

  • Defines the technological strategy in conjunction with the WU Media team of each project: pipeline, tools, and key development procedures
  • Assesses technical risk and mitigation plan
  • Establishes standards and procedures to track and measure project’s┬áprogression
  • Evaluates WU Media team(s) events, identifying strengths, problem areas, and┬ádeveloping plans for improving performance
  • Evaluates, interviews, trains Wilberforce Student candidates for technical┬ápositions
  • Scouts for and evaluates new technology and tools
  • Oversees technical design documentation process for correctness and timeliness
  • Provides input to the other WU areas on the practicality of the initial design goals and impact the overall project timeline
  • Helps to identify high risk areas for the Project Sr. Advisors (Gerald Poe Jr., Mr. Mayhew Cuthbertson and Mr. Charles Fox)
  • Identifies weak software systems that need code improvement and schedules corrective action, when possible
  • Aids in all stages of post-production, including during finalizing