W.R.A.P. – Wilberforce Robotics Aeronautics Program: To educate, certify and empower Wilberforce students in RPAS/UAV remote piloting aircraft systems and how to integrate robotics, software and 3D modeling design. This course of study will enable discover through next-Gen innovation, become FAA Certified Remote Pilots (sUAS Drone Pilots), competition, real-world use and racing. This is the 1st program of this nature at any HBCU. This program was developed/implemented to enable W.R.A.P. Students to compete more aggressively for career opportunities with drone training. These opportunities include becoming military drone pilots, firefighters, disaster relief professionals, search and rescue technicians, law enforcement surveillance specialists, oil and gas operations inspectors, seismic study aerial modeling techs, aerial border patrol surveillance officers, traffic reporting UAV pilots, storm chasing professionals, agriculture surveyors, aerial package delivery professionals, aerial forestry health UAS pilots, thermal engineers, computer science technical specialists, commercial contractors, film cinematography experts, and other careers. This empowers our students to have a competitive advantage to companies that hire drone engineers and pilots, including aerospace and defense companies Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, aircraft manufacturer Boeing, etc. Understanding that NASA is currently working on an air traffic control system for drones, and online retail giant Amazon is ready to deliver packages via drones, The W.R.A.P. Is strategically positioned to ensure our students are well prepared, duly qualified and have a deep understanding and working skill set through proper instruction.