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The Wilberforce Media Group was founded on the campus of Wilberforce University by Rev. Gerald F. Poe Jr. (Sr. Technologist and Mayhew Cuthbertson September 2014 with 9 students. WU MEDIA’s purpose is to expose Wilberforce University students to real world business experiences, opportunities, and entrepreneurial efforts, culminating in real time business contacts and connections. With the full support of Wilberforce University faculty, staff, students and the National Alumni Association,  it now consists of 10 functional areas in TV, radio, media, broadcast, photography (including drone cinematography), Executive Movement Security, W. R. A. P. – Wilberforce Robotics Aeronautics Program (Drone Technology) and SOCNET (Social Networking) engineering. WU Media has reached over 50,000 viewers and/or listeners in its short tenure. With the express goal of educating, motivating and empowering our students in the arts, media engineering, media security and broadcast/music business management and the technologies which focus on each of those areas, WU Media has concentrated on being a real-world educational conduit for our students. Each of the 10 functional areas is supported by select faculty with abundant experience in each area. WU Media is a success-driven vehicle for student engagement, while maintaining its position as an active, media-focused utility outlet for the whole of Wilberforce University. Student involvement: 125 Students have joined WU Media over the past year with over 60 being extremely active. ALL programs are student-focused, managed and student-operated. We are building character, excitement, morals and innovative leaders, which increase Wilberforce University student involvement,  STEM opportunities, and community offerings. With ongoing, full support from President Dr. Herman J. Felton Jr., and The Wilberforce National Alumni Association, WU Media has made tremendous strides, focusing on the real-world entrepreneurship opportunity-building aspects of broadcast media, business, music, TV, drone technology, social mediane technology…A true student operation, participation and retention program.

Sr. Staff Ambassadors: Rev. Gerald Poe Jr., Charles Fox

Our Staff Ambassadors: Will Issac, Dr. James McCluskey, Gregory Deas, Malcolm Haraway, and Shae’La Poe

Our Student leadership:

Chief Executive Director of WU Media – Samarah Poe

Director of WU Pix – Erin Evans

Director of WU PR – Jasmine Moss

Director of WU Trendz – BreAnn Lightner

Director of WU Records – Eric Thomas

Director of WU Tech/Dev – Romello Morris

Director of WU Producers – Jamaal Mahoney

Director of  Xpertiiz Dance Team – Eric Wiles

Alumni Ambassador – Jasmine Baskin


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